Florida will have $223 million extra to spend next year

Of the 3,700 plans across the country next year, only 273 in 21 states will offer at least one. About 7 percent of Advantage members – 1.5 million people. Medicare Advantage plans have extra money.

A booming economy coupled with soaring property values means that nearly every local government across Central Florida is poised to reap a windfall in extra. [next fiscal year], continuing a.

$3 million and counting: What Polk County has paid a lobbyist to try to protect Prairie Meadows, tap federal dollars. Polk County’s contract with a federal lobbyist runs $720,000 a year – more.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Florida will have very little extra money to spend in the coming year, meaning that top legislators and Gov. Rick Scott may have slash the state budget to meet some of.

They can get even closer to that goal with a win over Florida Monday. The Capitals have been. line next season is his contract. You do not sign a fourth-line player for four years at $1.5 million.

Flory’s was charged about $1.2 million during the 15 months alison bounced between nine different facilities in South Florida. At least three of the facilities the girls attended have been raided..

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s rebounding economy surprised lawmakers Friday with a nearly $2 billion windfall, money that will ease the state’s budget crisis as a pivotal election year approaches.

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The $96 million equates to nearly 7 percent of the $1.4 billion statewide that county school districts would have had in total to spend next year, after accounting for required debt payments off.

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Florida legislators face 0 million gap in next year’s budget. Key lawmakers disagree about raising property taxes and how to use Gulf oil spill money.

To better recruit and retain quality teachers for Florida’s K-12 public schools, Gov. Rick Scott wants the state to spend $58 million in the next budget year on a handful of initiatives.

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