Baby Boomers Less Likely To Retire Mortgage-Free

 · Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964 aren’t as likely to settle for simply retiring to Florida to play mahjong. “They recognize that the current systems in place are not only inadequate to meet the demands of aging, but woefully inadequate to meet their expectations,” says Joseph Coughlin,

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9 Baby-Boomer Statistics That Will Blow You Away. 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day.. baby boomers are twice as likely as millennials to start a new business.

Financial Advice for the Youngest Baby Boomers. By Casey Dowd The Boomer by FOXBusiness. According to a Transamerica Center for retirement study annual survey, forty-two percent of baby boomers, the youngest of whom turn 50 this year, have less than $100,000 in retirement accounts.

The number of boomer RNs peaked at 1.26 million in 2008, and, after a brief delay in the early part of the current decade (likely associated with the Great Recession), the baby-boomer RN cohort.

household retirement accounts. Baby Boomers have saved $152,000, Generation X has saved $66,000 and Millennials have saved $23,000 (estimated medians). Eleven percent of workers do not have any household. baby boomers (22 percent) are less likely to have done so compared with Generation X (32 percent) and Millennials (30 percent).

group approach, Simmons found Boomers who have passed the traditional retirement age are substantially less likely to own their homes outright than were other generations at that point. Among the generation’s leading edge, owner occupants who were 65 to 69 in 2015, fewer than 50 percent were mortgage-free, 10 percentage points fewer than the

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In 2008 the first baby boomers reached age 62, which is the earliest you can elect for Social Security retirement benefits. The last of them will reach full retirement age in 2031. At that point, there will be approximately 75 million people over the age of 65 in the U.S.

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